Eliminate Rooming Lists, reduce the Central Point of Failure

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Any time a corporate looks to organise an event, there will be a person or group of people that will ultimately determine the success of that event. The event planner will need to coordinate a massive amount of information between the attendees and the Hotel. If they do their job well, no one will even notice that they were part of the machinery. However, if there are any hiccups, the consequences could be tremendous, impacting all participants.

For example, event planners could be forced to wait until they have all of the pertinent information from all guests (or at least a majority of the information) before they’re able to send that rooming list to the hotel or resort. This lack of information makes it more difficult for Hotels to plan around the numbers and specific requirements of the participants. This creates a central point of failure, which can be avoided, and increases the risk of attrition penalties.

The IDEM Hospitality Room Block Management software allows event planners to have a streamlined communication process with the Hotel. Once the attendee has booked their accommodation via the unique, event branded booking site, which is circulated by the event planner, both the event planner and Hotel will be able to see all the reservations, securely, in real time. This removes a central point of failure in event planning and frees up time and resources for other aspects of the event.

Event planning is difficult enough without needing to coordinate hundreds of people. IDEM Hospitality reduces the amount of touch points that event planners need to have with attendees, while increasing the personalised experience that hotels are able to offer. Today, there is no longer any reason that an event should have a centralised point of failure. 

Don't let the Rooming List be your Central Point of Failure, schedule a demonstration now and let us show you an easier way.

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