Robust Guest Profiles Improve Revenues & Guest Satisfaction

1 min read

When agreeing to host events, hotels frequently acknowledge that they’re outsourcing their relationship with the guests. The relationship is typically managed by the event planner who is responsible for liaising with the attendees and event location.

In an age where relationships and distribution channels are key, understanding who is staying is important for hotels. When a hotel uses IDEM’s Room Block Management solution to manage their groups, they would not only streamline their communications with event planners but they’d also have access to key information about the participants.

Hotels using IDEM’s solutions have noticed that 36% of their guests enter their loyalty program information and 100% provide their email address. The hotels are able to use this information to customise their interactions with regular guests, giving them the treatment that they’re used to. Given permission, hotels are also able to retain the guests information for remarketing and promotional purposes. This could lead to further opportunities to upsell around the event and subsequent patronage that isn’t applicable under the current process.

Historically, hotels have limited exposure to their group guests until they check in, that no longer needs to be the case thanks to IDEM Hospitality. 

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