Why Rooming Lists Cause Pain and Weaken your Revenue

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Reduce the time spent arranging group bookings

Managing group events can be difficult, beyond negotiating rates and disseminating the pertinent information to participants, there is always last minute changes for attendees. Currently, group booking agents will spend hours, days or even weeks inputting details for individual attendees into a spreadsheet or document and then there is the additional time spent managing special requests and/or changes to itineraries.

It would be far simpler if the attendees were able to manage the input of their own details into an online booking site that communicates the details directly with the hotel or event planner. IDEM Hospitality makes this possible. It allows event planners to focus on the value-added aspects of their roles, removing the administrative burden. An event planner is able to create a unique, event branded, booking website in less than 5-minutes highlighting all of the pertinent event information and booking details. The link to this website is then shared with attendees who make their own booking via IDEM, just like they do for their individual travel arrangements when they travel for leisure. The attendees enter their own information, reducing the amount of handling and possibility of transposition errors.

The end result means that event planners have more capacity and can focus on ensuring that events exceed expectations. Attendees are empowered to handle their own information and have the ability to make adjustments (like booking shoulder nights around the event or specifying personal requests). This is all communicated directly with the hotel so there are fewer mistakes and better channels of communication for all involved.

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