Marketing Executive


IDEM Hospitality creates solutions for hotels and event planners, we're awesome when it comes to creating software and have fantastic sales organisation, but our messaging leaves a lot to be desired. We're in need of help, this job will be varied, exciting, demanding and you have the opportunity to truly make an impact in the future of Hospitality on a global scale.

A typical week will look like this:

  1. Research and write a blog on the top 5 joys of being an event planner.
  2. Create a new "Tour" in Intercom to help our users better understand a new feature.
  3. Create & Send the monthly newsletter and report on its success.
  4. Plan the next client Lunch & Learn.
  5. Research and implement best in class Marketing automation.
  6. Social media management in all its forms.
  7. Collaborate with our designers and founders to deliver a new website.
  8. Marketing strategy for new market entry.
  9. Write and disseminate a press release.
  10. Write a case study for a Hotel customer about their use of IDEM.
  11. Design a new pitch deck for the sales and training/or departments.

Our customers are some of the finest hotels in the world, this is a 5 star position for a 5 star candidate.
You are highly collaborative but able to take the initiative and find solutions to problems. You'll be thoughtful, resourceful and have a deep understanding of inbound marketing and messaging.

NOTE: You are also a Singaporean or Permanent Resident of Singapore.
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