For Event Planners


Book, manage and track groups of all sizes. GroupSync’s attendee management tool simplifies and automates myriad manual processes to save time and make you more efficient.

Whether it’s a simple meeting for 100 industry professionals or a global association conference for thousands of guests staying at multiple hotels citywide, GroupSync’s powerful and secure housing management system will save you time and help generate more profitable events.

  • Avoid attrition & optimize pickup
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase revenue
  • Citywide event housing
  • Secure online payments

Improve the guest experience

Automating the guest reservation process allows event planners to optimize every touchpoint and gain time so you can focus on improving attendee satisfaction and brand loyalty. As a result, your customers are happy and your attendees keep coming back.

Simplify the process

Many event planners utilize manual, outdated processes, using Excel or obsolete platforms, which adds steps to their workflow. GroupSync’s attendee management features simplify complex groups and keep simple events from growing too complex.

Reduce attrition 

GroupSync’s industry-leading housing or attendee management solution reduces slippage, minimizes book-arounds, and maximizes block pickup to fulfill your contract. You have complete control over the guest booking website and instant visibility into every reservation. Get credited for every booking to minimize your attrition risk.

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